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When we choose to consciously enter the world of dreams, we need training, concentration, alertness. Or else we will fall asleep or, be overly awake and question the images we encounter with our daily brain. It helps to have someone to guide you into to your inner world. This is called an 'inner journey'.

Inner journeys have a powerful healing effect and can be done once or over years. You can learn to do them by yourself or with the use of a tape with guided journeys or drumming. The inner journey, as well as other forms of working with images and visualisation, has been and is still being used by shamans of all cultures, including present-da
y therapists, healers and psychiatrists*.  Inner journeys can also be done with a group. It's good after an inner journey to write things down, and to go outside in nature for a bit, where you will then often find symbols of the very things you  were encountering in the inner world. This is called 'synchronicity '- the occurrence of inner and outer events responding to one another.
It is also possible to be in a light state of conscious dreaming whilst being in the outside world, preferably in a place without too many people. You can pursue this actively and spend time in nature in this way, this is called a 'vision quest'', where you ask the outside world and the forces of nature to give you encounters and symbols that represent the things you need to know about yourself at this time. It takes practice and training to be able to use, and trust your perception in this way. Then it can become second nature and you can even do this in a busy shopping street.
Connecting the inner and outer world can be a very enriching experience and make your life calmer and at the same time more intense, so that you need much less stimulus to feel that you are really alive.

* Guided affected imagery or kathatym imaginitive psychotherapy


An inner journey usually last 1,5 hr - 2 hours.

Taking an inner journey be done from an armchair, or you can lie on the couch, whichever you find more comfortable. First we talk about what issues you might want to explore or what you might want an answer for. You could use your journey to find out what your 'power animal' is, get to meet guides or other helpers, or travel inside your body to work with a symptom.
You may want to find out more about recurring patterns or difficulties in relationships, and see what accessing your inner, subconscious or higher conscious world will bring you in response to that.
When you are ready we do some relaxation techniques, slowly relaxing the muscles of your body and getting to breathe more slowly.
From there on, in a calm dialogue, I help you to find your way into your inner world. At intervals I will ask you questions or give some suggestion
s, and you will at all times be able to answer, being in a state which is like a deep daydream, aware of your whereabouts, but at the same time experiencing your journey in a very real way. Time is of no consequence here, and you may feel that you have been away for a long time whereas only half an hour has passed. You can stop whenever you want to. I will keep time and make sure there is plenty of time to talk about your experiences, and how you can integrate those into your daily life.


In day- or weekend workshops we combine the outer arts
with the 'inner arts', using role play, painting or modelling in clay, movement, voice work and bodywork in combination with finding things and having encounters in nature (with animals, rivers, trees, weather). It is the combination really of inner work and outer experience that is so special.
The purpose of going inside is to find out how beautiful it is there and how, just like with outside travelling, when you cross the borders you find yourself in a big world full of amazing landscapes and possibilities for endless adventures.  
And like with 'real' travel you hope to bring something back from your explorations to take home.
At the end of the workshops we will therefore take time to evaluate what  you have learned and how to integrate that in your outer life.
The advantage of working in groups  is to be with other people who share your curiosity of the inner worlds.

Look in the  News section for upcoming workshops and courses or mail me if you want to be kept updated.