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Project Change - your personal package

3 months individual guidance
for 575.- (excl.BTW)

An opportunity to work intensively for 3 months on a big change you want to make in your life without loosing much outer time.

This can be about anything, a basic dissatisfaction with where you are at, a professional change, a move, ending or finding a relationship, getting to know yourself better, a physical symptom you want to improve. Or perhaps you want to find out more about your inner world and the guidance available to your there.  

In an initial, explorative session we mark out the territory of your existing situation and the areas you wan't to work on
, setting out a course for your project. When you decide to throw yourself into your project and commit, this will be followed by six intensive  two-hour consultations, scheduled at intervals that suit you best.

 In between you do your homework, - like keeping a diary, do dream work and perception exercises. You report weekly and get feedback via e-mail.

Get in touch to find out how you can begin to create your own  big  change in life.