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Haarlem and Amsterdam

Readings can be done by e-mail or by personal consultation. The clearer your question is, the clearer your answer, usually. And it works best, when you are open to some changes in your life. If you can feel responsible for the choices that you have made, you can take great steps in the future as a result of that.


In my own experience 'seeing the future' is actually a result of those choices, conscious and unconscious, that we have made in the past. As you choose between one way or another, literally the perspective shifts and what comes towards you is different as a result of that. Therefore a reading usually goes up to the point where you have to choose again, where there is another crossing in the road. This is why it can be helpful to have a reading consultation so that you have some idea of the landscape you are walking in and the outline of the map that you cannot see in ordinary, daily reality.

A reading can help you to clarify things and allow you to see the different roads ahead of you.


The help that I am able to offer is my ability to 'climb' as it were, to a higher level, a vantage point, the way you can  see a landscape stretch out from a hilltop. From this place there is an overview, which connects to your present situation. On this level it is also possible to receive help or advice from your guides and mine, and from other helpers.

If we could see the whole picture, we would suffer so much less in the present...Our worries stop us from enjoying what is happening right now. It can be reassuring to be able to temporarily step out of the limits of time and space and to be able to discuss your present situation as if you were able to look at your life as if it were a book, and see more then just the one page you are on right now. A different perspective can actually change the future, and even what has already happened. Compare this perhaps to a time that you have been very sick. When you are better you see everything in a different light. Or when you fly in an airplane and are removed from the complications and demands of your daily life.

What the laws of physics actually seem to show is that when we change, our environment changes accordingly. Being alive, and perhaps even when we are no longer alive, means being in a process, having to grow whether we want to or not.  You will always get an answer to what you can do to change your circumstances, and the help and guidance to do so will invariably be loving and kind, and often with a sense of humour, to help us see that we can choose a lighter path.